My Family Has Covid-19 and I’m Furious

My family has COVID-19 and I’m furious.

Like, really angry.

I don’t know if I’m working through the stages of grief or if this is just my Enneagream 8-ness in full effect, but I’m ready to burn the whole world down.

When people hear that you have multiple family members with Covid-19 the first, understandable, question they ask is, “How’d they get it?”  It’s easier to hear that one is an essential worker who was unknowingly exposed in the workplace and this opportunistic dick face of a virus spread like wildfire from there. It’s less easy to face the real story.

The real story is that my family members, and millions of families like mine in the United States of America, have been betrayed by our country.

The great American experiment has failed us.

The best country in the world doesn’t take five to seven days to get my test results back while I worry that I could have exposed my children.

The greatest nation wouldn’t threaten to pull funding from public schools who don’t open for in-person instruction during an uncontrolled global pandemic which has taken the lives of 150,000 Americans and counting.

The melting pot of welcoming citizens wouldn’t fight in comment threads about wearing masks or share categorically false medical advice when their friends are suffering.

The loving “christian” nation which wields its immense power for fast food chicken and ships teenagers off to foreign shores to spread the gospel certainly wouldn’t threaten the safety of their neighbors.

I’m angry.

My family will be okay. Yours probably will too. But, there are hundreds of thousands of people mourning the loss of a loved one. Hundreds of thousands – and no one seems to give a damn.

We should be ashamed.

Wear your mask. Stay home when you can. Don’t spread harmful YouTube videos. Vote like your life depends on it. Do better.

Get angry.

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