4 Irish Romances to spice up your St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s is going to look quite different this year, no? Instead of parades and gathering in bars for corned beef and drunken Irish-y toasts, hopefully you’ll all be doing your civic duty and celebrating from the safety of your home. It might seem depressing, being holed up in sweatpants, drinking green beer alone and trying to conserve toilet paper, but look on bright side! In these trying times, the only cure for the St Patrick’s Day social distancing blues is a TBR full of smoking hot Irish dudes. So grab a Guinness and raise your glass to smut, for here are four Irish romance novels and series to spice up your St Patty’s stay-lebration.

The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning


I don’t even want to hear if you haven’t read the Fever series yet, because honestly it might affect our friendship. I describe it as “dark gritty urban fantasy faery smut”. It’s got Dublin, ancient abbeys, magical bookstores, and Death-by-Sex Fae. Plus possessed tomes and monsters and take-no-shit heroines. AND HOT GUYS EVERYWHERE. It isn’t perfect, but it is richly imaginative, darkly sexy, and fun. If you have not read this series I can say, with confidence, that you are not living your best romance life. Even if you have read it before, you’re probably due for a re-read. But really, we all recommend it because it features one of the most iconic love interests in all of Christendom: Jericho Z Barrons. JZB eats your book boyfriends for breakfast. JZB is your poison now.

Buy the first book here and thank us after you’ve binge read all five.


Rugby series by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway

Rugby never caught on in America, and it’s a damn shame. I’ve never watched it, because sports, but I gather from my 30 seconds of research that it’s like if soccer and football got in a dirty street fight. Just blood, elbows, and broken noses everywhere, plus a ball getting tossed around. And men; lots of brawny, fit men with thighs like Doric columns.


While I might not care for sports, I will pick up a sports romance any day of the week. And if you’re looking for hot athletic heroes with an Irish flair, look no further than the Rugby series. Each book employs a different common trope, so whether your thing is forbidden love, secret baby, roommates-to-lovers, or fake relationship, there’s a rugby romance for you.


Wild Irish series by C.M. Seabrook

What’s equally as hot as Irish athletes? Irish rock stars, obviously. Cillian, Owen, and Shane are the tattooed, gorgeous, and famous rock band Wild Irish, and they have no idea that three bonnie lasses are about to rock (pun intended) their worlds. These are fun, quick reads, with the perfect amount of angst, steamy tension, and happily ever after. Buy them here or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.


What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

If historical fiction romance is more your cup of Irish Breakfast, then I highly recommend What the Wind Knows by one of my faves, Amy Harmon. 21st Century Annie Gallagher travels to Ireland to scatter her beloved grandfather’s ashes, but ends up traveling back in time to 1921, where everyone thinks she’s Anne F. Gallagher, her missing and presumed dead great-grandmother. She tries to maintain the deception until she can find a way back to her time, but she never anticipates falling in love with a handsome, patriotic doctor, nor getting swept up in a dangerous period of Irish revolution and civil war. Here’s the official book trailer to set the mood:

This story packs in a lot of historical background, but has a sweeping love story that quite literally survives the test of time. Buy it here or read for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Éirin go Brách, and happy reading!

Feature Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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