We Need to Talk About Love is Blind

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it has been impossible to escape the cultural zeitgeist that is Love is Blind. It’s so ubiquitous that at this point it has become a common part of my everyday conversations.

“Hi, how is your day going? Have you seen Love is Blind?”

For the record, the grocery store clerk has seen it and she loves it. As well she should.

Netflix released the much anticipated finale episode on Thursday and it’s all I can think about. I’ve started following these people on social media platforms and searching for their wedding registries online. Lauren and Cameron deserve bath towels from me, okay?

So what is it about this show that otherwise reasonable people are obsessed with?

Love is Blind Reminded Us of What We Are All Looking For

I haven’t been single since before iPhones were invented so there isn’t a lot of swiping left or right in my dating history. Unless you count swiping through Myspace profiles. But, even as a married woman who is head over heels still obsessed with her husband, I can count on one hand how many uninterrupted deep conversations I’ve had with my spouse in the last year.

It’s the kids. It’s work. It’s social media or other distractions. It’s moving on to the next match if things get hard.

For better or for worse, it’s easier to sit in silence and binge Hunters with a glass of wine after wrestling three hellbeasts children to bed than it is to talk about big stuff. But, Love is Blind reminded viewers how much we are missing out on by letting those intense conversations go unsaid.

Spoilers Ahead

Lauren and Cameron do not work in any real world scenario outside of just truly knowing one another thanks to the hours they spent in the pods. Now, they not only found one another but, they can face the adversities that will inevitably come their way; because, their foundation is strong.

The same goes for Amber and Barnett who make absolutely zero sense on paper, but who support one another in ways their usual type never would. Why? Because they truly know each other and can see the other for who they are and who they can be.

The other couples may not have worked out, but I think it’s clear that those are the relationships that never let their walls down. They never bought into the experiment they were embarking on, and thus, they weren’t truly known. I’d say that’s true for a lot of us who are trying to make a relationship work.

Plus, Jessica has absolutely no idea what she wants in a partner, but that goes without saying.

In the end, mock me if you’d like, but I say Love is Blind taught us that the human condition is a desire to be known and accepted for who we are.

How’s that for a drama filled reality TV show?

Love is Blind filmed a reunion show that will air next week. Who else is counting down the days?


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