Love is Blind is Your Next Binge Watch

Over the weekend, Netflix dropped the first five episodes of your next binge watch. Stop what you’re doing right this second and watch Love is Blind on Netflix.

Love is Blind is like if The Bachelor had 30 bachelors and 30 bachelorettes dating round-robin style at the same time, with the hope of having a full-on wedding within a month…all without physically seeing each other until after they are engaged.

It’s completely bonkers and I’ve devoured every second of it.

The first episode introduces us to the future brides and grooms as they enter soundproof pods. There they speak for hours at a time to their potential partners. Anyone who ever spent time in an AOL chat room in the 90’s knows that’s a recipe for true love. Once a connection is made, the new couples get engaged and THEN they meet each other for the first time.

Reader, I cried.

I know, it’s absurd, I’m absurd. But you will be too once you witness Cameron and Lauren navigate the complexities of their first interracial relationship.

Netflix is rolling out Love is Blind over a 3 tortuous weeks, but the first five episodes are ready for you to devour now.



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