The Mandalorian is Coming to Your Bookshelf

While all Hollywood productions continue to shut down due to COVID19, one production is full lightspeed ahead: The Mandalorian

The popular Disney+ series wrapped production on its second season pre-COVID shutdown, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek assured Star Wars fans that the October 2020 premiere is still on schedule. While details about the second season have been kept under lock and key – fingers crossed for Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano –  rumor has it that producer Jon Favreau and team have already started the creative process on The Mandalorian‘s third season.

So get ready for more memes and fan-made videos celebrating the adorableness that is Baby Yoda. With this being an election year, that green force sensitive puppet is our only hope.

Unfortunately, without a Star Wars Celebration this year, waiting for The Mandalorian’s next season seems lightyears away. Of course we could binge the series over again and watch the behind-the-scene series, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, but we Star Wars fans are selfish bitches, and yes, that includes me.

Never fear Star Wars fans: Disney knows you need your fix and they need your money.

Coming to Your Bookshelf

Clear space on that bookcase and make room on your coffee table: Star Wars announced an entire collection of Mandalorian art books and novelizations.

If you devoured the first season (If you haven’t, seriously. What’s wrong with you?), you know that the credits featured key art concepts from that particular episode. The Art of the Mandalorian celebrates those images from the first season. With over 300 illustrations, fans will be able to see the intricate process from imagination to storyboard to screen. On top of that, Pablo Hidalgo will also release his own The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide, which any fan knows is essentially the Encyclopedia Britanica of the Star Wars universe.

In addition to the art book and visual guide, fans will also get to dive into the written word with The Mandalorian’s novelization, junior novelization, and for our own Baby Yodas, an 8×8 storybook.

Sure green may be the color of Baby Yoda, but it’s also the color of your money going right to Disney/Lucasfilms.

This is the way.

Need more Star Wars? We’ve got you covered.

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