The Cool Table Goes* to Comic Con

*Okay, so we’re really not going to San Diego Comic Con. In fact, no one is, including Comic Con heavy hitters like Marvel and DC/Warner Brothers. However, The Cool Table is all in for  Comic Con@Home because, let’s face it, we have the time on our hands.

Here’s just a few of the panels we’re planning to devour all from the comforts of our home and our yoga pants.


Where Can You Watch: Here

When Can You Watch: Tuesday, July 23rd at 2pm PST

If I can’t get Robbie Amell as The Hating Game’s Joshua Templeman just yet, I don’t mind settling for Robbie Amell as Nathan in Amazon’s Upload. 

Beth introduced us all to this sci-fi sitcom that is part comedy, part crime show, and pure binge-able. This Comic Con, Amell will be with good company: creator Greg Daniels and co-stars including the adorable Andy Allo (Nora) join the panel to discuss the behind-the-scenes secrets of the first season, what we can expect for the anticipated second season, and hopefully a GoFundMe for Nathan’s GB plan.

The Boys

Where Can You Watch: Here

When Can You Watch: Tuesday, July 23rd at 3pm PST

If you have yet to binge Amazon’s The Boys, do yourself a favor and brace yourself for one of the most shocking, twisted, and socially charged ride. Set in the world of superheroes, The Boys examines what happens when our so-called “heroes” allow power and fame to supersede the need to help others. In a time when our society is crying for police reform and police defunding, The Boys second season premiere couldn’t be more apt.

The entire cast and crew will be on hand to discuss the upcoming season, new characters, and hopefully, that jaw-dropping first season finale that made me scream, “What the f**k?!” in my living room at 2 am.

Lovecraft Country

Where Can You Watch: TBA

When Can You Watch: Saturday, July 25th at 4pm PST

Based on the novel by Matt Ruff, Lovecraft Country takes us back to America in the 1950s, a time of apple pie, a baby boom, and Jim Crow Laws. The story follows Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors) as he, alongside his uncle (played by Courtney B. Vance) and friend (Jurnee Smollett), journeys across America to search for his missing father. Along the way, the trio face both a series of paranormal monsters as well as the fears of a being black person living in a white America in the 1950s.

Created by Mischa Green and executive produced by both Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams, Lovecraft Country is proof that HBO has become the standard of thought-provoking entertainment that does not shy away from making us examine and feel uncomfortable about the current world around us. The monsters may be fictional, but the monster of racism is perhaps the greatest threat on the show as well as in real life. Unfortunately, a monster that exists even today.


Where Can You Watch: Here

When Can You Watch: Sunday, July 26th at 10am PST

We all love a good underdog sports story. Think of Bad News Bears, The Mighty DucksRudy, Hoosiers. Now take all those movies and add a coach that is definitely grounds for you screaming, “EARMUFFS!” to your children and would not be offered tenure by any school district. Hoops is the new NSFW or children animated comedy premiering on Netflix and stars the voices of Jake Johnson and Rob Riggle.

While I’m not the biggest fan of adult animation, this is on my list for one specific reason: the panel is moderated by Hoops guest star, Max Greenfield. That’s right. New Girl’s Nick and Schmidt will be reunited, and we’re just blessed to witness on our very own computers history’s greatest fictional and IRL bromance blossom even more.

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