“The Circle” on Netflix is Back With 100% More Lance Bass

I’m pretty sure our evil overlords at Netflix heard the anguish of my husband and me doom scrolling through every streaming service known to mankind last week because just when we needed it most, The Circle is back.

This time with four brand new episodes and 100% more Lance Bass.

We are not worthy.

So, what is The Circle?

the circle

Early last year, the first season of The Circle in America (like all the best trashy reality TV, this one originated in the UK) become a cultural phenomenon. If you live on the internet at all, you heard about it.

Basically, it’s a competition show that sequesters a handful of competitors in individual apartments throughout a single building. They can only communicate through a social media platform called “the circle” that translates their conversations into text form. Some people play the game as their true selves. Others play with fake profiles as catfish. All of them are trying to gain enough popularity within the circle to become “influencers” so they can determine who gets “blocked” and who ultimately wins the $100,000 prize.

It’s the internet, but for cash.

How am I not on this show?

Yes, that’s Chloe from Too Hot to Handle.

Yes, that’s a fifty-something-year-old man playing a 20-year-old guy named River.

Of course, Lance Bass shows up.

I’m obsessed. Is it Wednesday yet?

New episodes of The Circle drop every Wednesday on Netflix.


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