TCT@SDCC: Upload to Comic Con

Every year at Comic Con there is usually a property that I stalk around the convention like a baby otter to a white fish sushi conveyor belt. In that, I am adorable while I do it, but I still make Tauntaun noises when I get a nibble.

If San Diego Comic Con had been on site this year, Amazon Prime Video’s Upload would have been my elusive white fish. Firstly, Amazon consistently has a great off-site interactive experience, and I still have my weird swag from last year’s Carnival Row village. I don’t think those coins are legal tender, but neither are my US quarters right now, so at least my bag of witches’ bones are collectible. 

What would we have gotten with an Upload-themed installation? A ride in a self-driving car? A virtual hug suit hang with Nathan? Some fat cartridges? 

Secondly, Greg Daniels writes the shows that make my black heart sing. I love the way his comedies turn into something I STAN by virtue of hitting the right notes at the exact right time. And by casting the right folks. 

Speaking of: thirdly, Robbie Amell was scheduled for TV Guide’s Fan Favorites, and I would have jumped in front of a 35-year-old with a fake support dog at the mic line to ask him about Joshua Templeman and The Hating Game. (Upload is great, but The Hating Game is the greatest). 

But alas, the in person fun was not to be, but we thankfully did get the Comic Con At Home experience with an online panel that almost felt a little too meta (and virtual) with the entire Upload crew: Greg Daniels, Robbie Amell, Andy Allo (who plays Nora), Kevin Bigley (Luke), Allegra Edwards (the inimitable Ingrid), and Zainab Johnson (who plays Aleesha). 

Things I Learned About Upload:

Greg Daniels has been working with this concept for a LONG time … since CD players were becoming a thing. So remember Glenn Gulia from The Wedding Singer? He’s the inspiration. 

The tech in the show has evolved a lot since the first stirrings of the switch from analog to digital.



WHEN THEY MAKE PRINTERS THEY MAKE PERFECT AND FAST ONES ONLY and then they CHIP THEM WITH SLOW STAPLES to have something to sell at a cheaper price point. 

Robbie Amell’s Canadian accent is very cute. 

Weird, out of left field questions like “what animal chimera would you be?” never have good answers. 


Luke’s constantly looking for distractions, one day at a time. Not unlike all of us, in quarantine, binge watching Comic Con at Home panels. 


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