The Libby App Will Save Your Book Budget

Welcome to August in California where it’s 95 degrees outside, there are toxic levels of smoke in the air from forest fires and all of our kids are distance learning at home. Paradise.

For those of us fortunate enough to be out of the direct path of the fires, and thus safe from evacuation, we absolutely can not spend time outside. Going outside feels like smoking a pack of cigarettes while sitting around a bonfire in the middle of hell.

There’s literally nothing else to do but beg my kids to pay attention to their zoom meetings read.

That’s where the Libby App comes in.

I used to spend so much money on books. Absurd amounts of money. Like more than the monthly income of a family of four in a developing nation – per week. I’d sneak them into my Target budget or slide one into the Amazon cart with a birthday present. Anything to feed my addiction. Sure, pre-covid I could go to the actual physical library, but prefer ebooks and I’m lazy.

It turns out, the Libby App by Overdrive connects to my library card, or in my case, to my kid’s library card since I can’t find mine. My 7 year-old is suddenly very into romance novels and anti-racism books. Once I login to my local branch there are thousands of digital books and audiobooks available. FOR FREE.

Sometimes there’s a bit of a wait, and you can only keep them for 3 weeks, just like the library, but I’ve been flying through my TBR pile like it’s a new season of Temptation Island.

The interface is intuitive, the options are unending, and, again, it’s free. Save your book budget and download it today.

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