Everything You Need to Know About Loki Before Watching Loki

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All eyes and all streaming services are going to be tuned into Disney+ this Wednesday when the first episode of Marvel Studio’s Loki hits. But if you’re the kind of fan who wonders whether you know enough about the titular character’s arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be able to sit down an enjoy the chaos, wonder no further. Here’s all you need to know about Loki before watching Loki.

The Basics

Don’t want to watch 23 epic comic book movies just to get into Hot Hiddles every week on your TV? Relatable. While we contend that you can watch Loki without any specific knowledge of the MCU, there are a few pre-requisites. 

  • Watch Thor. It gives you a good introduction to his character and his origins. 
  • Read a synopsis of Thor: The Dark World. Because it’s terrible. 
  • Watch Avengers. It’s perfect, and THIS is the Loki who ends up in Loki. 

Only if you have time … and like to be thorough:

  • Watch Thor: Ragnarok. Because it’s fun and Loki is extra hot in it. 
  • Watch Avengers: End Game to help you understand how and why there is a time variance. 


You Can’t Pin Loki Down

Loki is the ultimate chaos agent. Never sure of who he is or what he wants, Loki is the trickster god who wants to be respected. He’s the Odinson who wants to supplant him and impress him. He’s Thor’s brother and his greatest nemesis. In the end, his last betrayal is in an effort to save the world. He’s the failed betrayer and the failed hero. 

So we don’t know where Loki is going to fall on the Alignment Spectrum in this series, but whether he’s Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil, you can bet he’s always Chaotic. And according to the newest teaser, he’s also officially gender fluid. 


This Isn’t the Loki We Knew

Loki died in Avengers: Infinity War. And we know the MCU doesn’t waste screen time in prequels and precedents. If they are making new content, it’s going to lead to toy manufacturing more content.

So … Loki takes place in the alternate timeline that was created in Avengers: End Game when Tony Stark fails to get the tesseract from his 2012 self. When the plan goes awry, 2012 Avengers-era Loki grabs the tesseract, which contains the Space Stone, and disappears. Because this Loki was unwittingly in another timeline, his actions once he disappeared with such a powerful Infinity Stone will wreak havoc on the time/space continuum. 

Enter the Loki Variant

The Time Variance Authority is all over this version of Loki and deems him a VARIANT … a version of the Loki we loved to hate from his “KNEEL” days who needs to be corralled and contained, and apparently, tasked with glorious purpose. 


He’s Still the Loki We Love

Never one to squander the fandom’s love for complicated anti-heroes, Marvel is giving us the Loki who needs to be humiliated and put in his place … over and over again. Just the sexiest of all villains bumbling his way through a place and a plan, learning lessons for a better tomorrow. Perhaps whilst shirtless. 


Oh yeah. We aren’t gonna survive this show.

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