Solving Mare of Easttown Via Podcast

We just woke up from a Mare of Easttown hangover where everyone went to bed, wheels turning, still reeling. Did that really happen?

But if you’ve been listening to The Cool Table podcast over the last few weeks, you would have seen a lot of this coming. Amy and I have been solving Mare of Easttown week by week since episode two aired. 

Solving Mare of Easttown



The end of episode two left a lot questions in everyone’s mind. Most importantly: who killed Erin and why is Frank creepier than we imagined? By the end of this episode, I give my theory on who the killer must be … based on narrative structure and the scope of the show, not just on clues. And I’m still sticking by that theory three weeks and three episodes later. 

Nobody is Clean in Mare of Easttown



Episode 3 of Mare proved that everyone has secrets in Easttown. From the silly (Helen’s ice cream) to the serious (Deacon Mark’s past), no one is without something they are hiding. In this episode we go through the movements of everyone with something to hide, including Mare who is hiding from herself. 

It Should Be Mare of Easton 



Episode Four of Mare of Easttown, Poor Sisyphus, gave us about 17% of the answers we were looking for, and a lot more questions. Secrets abound, and the tension is ratcheting up for the final few episodes of the series. In this one, we discuss how our theories are evolving, how much we love Jean Smart and where exactly Mare’s mustache must be.

A Two Gasp Episode of Mare of Easttown

I like to save my surprised gasps for true television moments. The reveal of the Bent Neck Lady. Hold the door. When Hot Priest sees the camera. You know. The BIG moments. And the fifth episode of Mare of Easttown, Illusions, gets two of them. It’s a two gasp episode. Join Beth and Amy at The Cool Table as they discuss all the tied up loose ends, all the lingering and changing theories and that heartbreaker of an ending.



Choose Your Own Mare of Easttown

After the penultimate episode of Mare of Easttown, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we get to choose our own adventure ending: Do you think it’s some combo of Rosses who are to blame? Is it the Dylan-Jess-random friend trifecta? Or are you sticking with Siobhan? None of the details are coming together to give us the answers this week, but we still have plenty to talk about.


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