What You Need to Know About Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey

Am I still talking about Bridgerton? Oh, I don’t know, do I still have breath in my body? With that breath, let’s just all take a moment to discuss the next Bridgerton Rake who will own our heart and Twitter feeds: Anthony Bridgerton, and more specifically the man who brought him to life: Jonathan Bailey.

On screen, the actor took Anthony Bridgerton from just a brief complication in The Duke and I – an overprotective big brother who is reluctant to give his sister over to his best friend and infamous rake, Simon Bassett – to one of the most complex and complicated characters in the first season. Through Jonathan Bailey, we saw Anthony emerge as a man burdened by the weight of his family name and his father’s legacy, in a constant struggle between his duty and his desires, and jaded by rejection. Like those women on Violet Bridgerton’s future wifey list, we’re all wanting Anthony Bridgerton and to see the Viscount fall deliciously in love before our own eyes.

Since we’ve already met the Duke of Hastings, himself and while we wait for the inevitable announcement of the second season, let us discuss the man who will put the “R” in Rake.

What You Need to Know About Jonathan Bailey Before Your Next Bridgerton Binge

Where’ve You Seen That Face

Before he rocked breeches and an ascot, Jonathan Bailey starred in the first two seasons of Broadchurch as Olly Stevens, a reporter with a moral conscious smaller than the size of Anthony Bridgerton’s muttonchops. He was eager, a bit of a dick, and absolutely brilliant. Of course, because nothing good can ever last, his character never made it to the third season.

He’s Out and Proud

Sure, when I first found out that Jonathan is gay, I thought, “Why, God, must you take him from me?” Admit it, that was your first thought, too. Like we had a chance either way. Then as my internet stalking research recommenced, I realized that I would and should have it no other way. Although initially encouraged by others to stay in the proverbial closet, the actor decided to be visible, open about his life, and that his talent and his skills should dictate his work, and that an actor, who happens to be gay, can – aghast – play both gay and straight roles.


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Living your truth, consequences be damned, is the sexiest move a man can make.

He’s a Theater Nerd

And he has the legitimate awards and vocal range to prove it. Plus, he practically won Broadway lottery by working with legend Patty LuPone in Company. Any upcoming movie musical that does not feature Jonathan Bailey is just a waste of your time.

He’s Got the Right Amount of Cheekiness in Interviews

Honestly, I could fall down a rabbit hole watching his interviews, and feel accomplished after my day.

While Anthony Bridgerton may walk around with the weight of the Bridgerton name and lordship on his shoulders, Jonathan Bailey does not. He’s self-deprecating, open, and genuine. Whether he’s popping and locking, reminiscing about getting his ass powdered for a sex scene (pun on the “Cheeky”), or revealing that his first crush was Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid – Johnny, let’s talk because Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Phillip is the ultimate Disney ride-or-die crush-he’s a complete joy to watch during interviews.

Challenge: try watching the following interview with Netflix UK and try not to fall in love. It’s scientifically impossible.

He’s a Hot Uncle

Dearest reader,

This author has come to the conclusion that there are uncles, and there are Uncles.

Jonathan Bailey is an Uncle. Not only that, he’s a Hot Uncle.

Keep your Hot Dads of Whatever. Give me Hot Uncles. The men who fully embrace the momentary cuddles, spoils, and possible spit-up and diaper changes reserved only for parents and that of grandmothers who think they know the right way to swaddle a baby. These men don’t flaunt their Uncle exploits for social media pandering but rather celebrate their nieces or nephews, basking in the knowledge that they hold a space in this little person’s heart.

Need further proof of a Hot Uncle? Look at that smile.


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Keep your “For Mature Audiences Only” sex scenes. Give me Jonathan Bailey Hot Uncle. On second thought, I’ll take both.

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