What to Do Until We Get That Bridgerton News

You’ve seen it by now. The blue check official Twitter and Instagram accounts, for now empty and silent, but promising they (and Bridgerton) are Coming Soon.

And then there is the formal invitation. Something big is coming in Bridgerton land. TODAY.

And have you SEEN the warning labels on the Bridgerton place holder on Netflix? Excuse me, my lord, by those maturity ratings are NOT WHAT I EXPECTED and EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. (And yes, I checked Netflix first thing this morning to see if they randomly gave us the entire series before ever publishing official key art or a teaser or a trailer or any damn thing. It’s 2020 and we deserve something THAT magical to hold us through the end.)


But alas, we are still waiting. And while we are waiting for more Bridgerton news, what should we – what can we – do?

Well, we can Bridgerton Book Club until we drop. Hopefully today we will get a full length trailer and a premiere date. Until that time, you can watch and share two episodes of Bridgerton Book Club on YouTube with us at The Cool Table.

And if you love Anthony’s book, our second episode of Bridgerton Book Club is the best! We have a hilarious realization about half way through that you don’t want to miss!

So … until we get that good good, we have this good.

Come on, Shondaland and Netflix! We need that Bridgerton news!

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