The Spencer Trailer At Least Looks Great

The new Spencer trailer (teaser trailer, really) released this week, and it looks great.

But that’s all you can say because we got a look at it, but nothing else. And that seems intentional to what the movie will actually be like. Helmed by Jackie director, Pablo Larraín, Spencer has the frenetic and august look of that Oscar-winning film. 

We know that this particular look into Diana’s tumultuous life will focus on the Christmas holidays at Sandringham when she made the decision to leave Charles. So the trailer focuses on the pomp and grandeur of even their intimate family time: the specific place settings, the fine china, the hand-calligraphed tags instructing specific outfits for each day. The trappings are introduced in a way that gives us a sense of just that – trappings. 

And then enter Diana herself, whirling, seeking open spaces, and trying to free herself. Despite the number of people in the trailer, few of whom speak, it feels internal and intimate. 

And then of course, there is the titular character herself played by Kristen Stewart. I’ve long been a Kristen fan; I find her riveting and studied and luring. I do wonder, though, if Diana’s face is so iconic and Kristen’s so specific, if audiences will be able to fuse them into a singular viewing experience instead of marking Kristen’s performance of Diana as separate from the story of the film. I know it was hard for me in this short teaser. 

Regardless, I can’t wait to see it. 

Watch the Spencer Trailer here:

Spencer hits theaters November 5th.

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