It’s Here … and It’s Sexy: The Bridgerton Trailer


It’s here. And it’s even sexier than we thought it was going to be! 

First Look Trailer for Bridgerton on Netflix


Julie Andrews is a goddess and sounds like Regency Regina George. 

The settings are SO DECADENT! 

The costumes are so bright!

The score is so kinetic! Gone are the sweet violas of most Jane Austen adaptations. It’s all dueling, scratching dissonance and energy. It’s heart stopping! 

IT IS CRAZY SEXY! There is so much bedroom time. I am scandalized. It’s almost sexier than we deserve. Actually, scratch that; we deserve ALL the regency sexiness. 



Bridgerton on Netflix premieres on Christmas Day.

Watch our Bridgerton Book Club chats to get you through. 

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