Paul Feig and Quarantine Cocktail are Saving Your Sanity

He’s one of the brilliant minds behind The Office, directed Melissa McCarthy in those movies that inspire one-liners and gifs, and created the cult classic Freaks and Geeks. But director Paul Feig has recently taken on his most daring project to date. He’s saving your quarantine, one cocktail at a time.

Essentially, he’s doing the Lord’s work, ladies and gentlemen, and he’s doing it all on Instagram.

The dapper director of Bridesmaids and The Heat hosts his nightly Instagram party, “Quarantine Cocktail,” where he mixes music, spirits, and positivity all for a good cause. At the beginning of each episode, Feig promotes a different charity providing financial assistance to those struggling during this COVID quarantine.

Cocktails and helping others? This is the content we need.

America’s Favorite Drunk Funcle

Whether he’s making a Saucy Sue or putting a new spin on margaritas, Paul Feig is expanding our cocktail knowledge, but there’s so much more to his live nightly libations. From his “Showbiz Stories” to nightly guest appearances by his wife, Laurie Feig aka “Tipsy Faunt,” the director gives us all a brief reprieve from the outside world. His posts remind us that it’s okay to laugh, dance, and take out our frustrations on a cocktail shaker.

Paul Feig’s “Quarantine Cocktails” is an absolute joy, and that’s what we need during this time. Well, that and crafted cocktails.

My Favorite “Quarantine Cocktail”

Forget mimosas. That was pre-quarantine. This quarantine, give me a French 75. Never heard of it? Neither did I before Paul Feig and now it’s my drink of choice. Here’s what you need: gin, champagne (I use Prosecco), simple syrup, lemons, and the ability to remind yourself that during this quarantine, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

And it’s definitely in Paul Feig’s house.

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