One Reunion to Rule Them All: A Zoom Call with the Fellowship of the Ring

Light the beacons, muster the Rohirrim, and sound the Horn of Helm Hammerhand, ya’ll-we’re getting a Lord of the Rings cast reunion! It’s One Zoom Call To Rule Them All.

*Sniffs* I love them all so much.

Quarantine has already produced a swarm of Hollywood reunions, some more precious than others. The Parks and Rec reunion special (which raised $3 million for Feed America!) was like a warm hug, and the cast of The Office reuniting to surprise a couple during their Zoom wedding reminded me of why that will always be the greatest show of all time . Plus who didn’t drink deep of the nostalgic ambrosia that was the Backstreet Boys singing “I Want it That Way” from their individual mansions? Those things are great, truly, but now they pale in comparison to the news that Josh Gad has organized a Lord of the Rings cast reunion on his YouTube show Reunited Apart.

I’m Not Crying You’re Crying (I’m totally crying)

Josh gave us a wee taste of the glory in this teaser trailer, which sparked absolute joy and a compulsion to re-watch all the movies. (The Two Towers is playing as I type this; Aragorn has just pushed some dirt around and deduced that “a hobbit lay here”. Oh Aragorn, you smoldering, grimy, octogenarian, tracker genius).

Now, who has the best drinking game for this?

You can watch the Lord of the Rings cast reunion right now on YouTube!

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