Teacher Appreciation Week? Treat Yo’ Self

Teacher Appreciation Week

Step away from the cute coffee mugs! It’s Teacher Appreciation week and they have enough of those already. Instead, make your way to the alcohol gift card aisle or force your kid to make something heartfelt. Then double-check your list like Old Saint Nick because there are a few more people you need to shop for.

Here in the Bay Area of California we just started 4 hours a week of in-person hybrid learning. That means, like much of the world, we were in full-time distance learning for nearly a decade. Okay, it’s been just over a year but with a fourth grader, second grader, and kindergartener, I’ve aged at least a decade. All I know is that in addition to their amazing teachers, I’ve grown appreciative of a few more important people during this hellscape of a  year.

Here’s who I’m adding to my appreciation shopping list this week:

1. That one mom friend who actually attends the PFC zoom meetings and will give you all the hot goss without actually needing to attend because you’re lazy.

You know who you are, you glorious human. I appreciate you and your willingness to chair every committee. I am not worthy, but thanks for the info.

2. My wifi router

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians. Imagine keeping up with three zoom meetings, one full-time work-from-home employee, and one aspiring Instagram influencer. My wifi router is the hardest working entity in my home. I’m going to dust you and make you a throne, my king.

3. Jeff Bezos

Listen, I’m all about taxing billionaires into oblivion, but not before they deliver another box of expo markers to my front door within 24 hours. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but I do appreciate the convenience. If my children are reading this in the future from a planet destroyed by climate change, I’m sorry. I was lazy.

4. Me

I worship the ground teachers walk on for teaching behind a screen all year. They’ve done an incredible job with my kids and I would never claim this is “homeschooling.” But my job as a mom drastically changed the moment my home became a school. It has been emotionally and physically draining. Thus I’ll be appreciating myself with that sale I saw at DSW. Thanks, me!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Don’t forget to thank your office staff and administration like our favorite school counselor, Julie too. They deserve the world (but not your germs, so wear a mask). 

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