Like Calls to Like: Shadow and Bone First Trailer

It’s time to enter The Fold.

Today the very first Shadow and Bone trailer aired at the start of IGN’s FanFest. I miss Comic Cons, but I really enjoy this new way of getting awesome content into my eyesockets while I sit in my bedroom, wrapped in my robe.

The Trailer

Why would I keep talking about it, when you can watch it?

First of all, WHAT ARE MY EMOTIONS DOING? I want to cry, and my chest feels tight, and I haven’t read Shadow and Bone since it CAME OUT and yet somehow this trailer is everything I never knew I needed and all the things imprinted indelibly on my psyche. I am EMOTIONAL over this.

MALINA! It was that moment. That one. The one where Alina sees Mal in the grips of the Volkra and screams his name, light bursting forth. THAT is what my emotions are doing. Dealing with *gestures at everything* all that.

The Keftas! Of course the blue and the white keftas look perfect, but I had no idea I was going to dive into a hole of glee when I saw the black ones, together.

The Fold! I was actually worried about the darkness in this show. So many fantasy shows are so hard to actually watch on your screens because of how dark they are shot. I watched this in full 10am sun on my 65″ Samsung, and I missed nothing. How they made a scar of pure darkness, visible, I’ll never know.

The Voiceover! Of course the first voice we hear is The Darkling’s. Of course he is introducing us to the danger of the Grishaverse. Of course I am currently still trembling over that little nod that he gives Alina in the last bit. Still.Trembling.

The Dregs! I am most pumped for the prequel energy we are getting from the crew in Ketterdam. Kaz, Inej and Jesper look so completely perfect. I am already lost for them.



The IGN FanFest Panel

Following the premiere of the first trailer, IGN held a fan panel with moderator, Laura Prudom and Leigh Bardugo, Eric Heisserer, Ben Barnes, Jessie Mei Li, Freddy Carter, Archie Renaux, Amita Suman, and Kit Young. A few things I loved:

As someone who has hosted innumerable online panel chats, I would slap Ben Barnes with a moderator’s mute so hard. Yes, your chuckle and your anecdotes are adorable, but there is an heirarchy here and when you make noise, it messes up the feed! COME ON, BEN!

When he and Jessie Mei got to set for the first time, Archie admitted that the concept art for the Volkra and the Fold were much better than what he saw in his head when he was reading the book and the script. This is precious himbo material.

When Amita admitted that she didn’t see herself as Inej as she reads, Freddy replied, “You gotta read it again and picture yourself. It’s *great stuff hand sign*.” Yeah, I’m not picturing anyone but Freddy as Kaz Brekker anymore either.

Everyone is in awe of Kit’s ability to learn to gunsling so quickly and so well. I hope it is imminently un-useful in the real world, but I’m glad you got it down for the show.

Jessie Mei simply IS Alina. I want to adopt her.

My favorite quote had to be from Leigh:

“[The series will be] much more thrilling than a super literal, page by page adaptation. [It is] deeply true to the books, but also offers something brand new.”

BRING IT ON. There was no fan question about that MA Rating, but I’m hoping that might be part and parcel of some of the “brand new” that we see.

Like Calls to Like

And so, you’ve seen the trailer. You’ve watched the fan panel. Now, you have an epic decision to make. It’s time to join us in a grand undertaking.

The Grisha Book Club is setting sale for The Fold next month. We will be reading Shadow and Bone, and getting together March 28th at 8pm EST to talk about it live on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Then we will read Six of Crows and discuss it together on April 11 at the same time and place. We won’t stop there. Follow us to find out more, use the hashtag #GrishaBookClub, and remember … no mourners, no funerals.

Shadow and Bone premieres on Netflix on April 23rd. We will be ready.

Catch all of our Shadow and Bone coverage right here at The Cool Table.

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