New Romance Books to Help You Escape Reality

Whether you’re working from home, practicing self-isolation, providing essential services, or – like me – are stuck in a mandatory lockdown with your spouse, three children and a dog; we all could use a break.

I wish I could provide more tangible help to every single one of you; but, at least I can recommend a few new  romance books to help you escape reality.

Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas’s books are automatic purchases for me. She knows how to write strong female characters who make their stubborn, undeniably male partners get turned completely upside down in love with them.

Chasing Cassandra is the sixth in her The Ravenels series. It stars an absurdly rich railway magnate in a rushed marriage to redeem the reputation of a stunning lady of the ton. Only this marriage of necessity quickly becomes more than either of them expected. You don’t have to read the whole series to enjoy this one, but what else is there to do anyway?

Purchase Chasing Cassandra here

Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

I love a romance book that completely dismantles toxic masculinity. I’d say the vast majority of modern romance that I read these days does exactly that. But, to have the toxic masculinity named, called out, and destroyed by male characters without requiring work from female characters is cathartic.

In Undercover Bromance you get the swoon, the sexy, and a breath of fresh air.

Purchase Undercover Bromance here 

To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

To Have and to Hoax is a the kind of historical romance I can’t quit. Longing looks in ballrooms, clandestine meetings in alcoves and on balconies? Yes, please. Then add in the modern sensibilities of a strong independent woman and her feminist and yet stubborn husband? Give me more. But wait, the majority of their story takes place after they’re already married? TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

I loved this read.

Pre-order To Have to Hoax here


Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

Do you remember awhile back when a couple on a plane went super viral by live-tweeting a meet-cute for an attractive man and women sitting in front of them? It went huge, then the man went public, then the woman was devastated to have her privacy invaded like that. So, we all felt super guilty and/or self-righteous?

That’s basically the premise of Girl Gone Viral – if the woman involved was a Chrissy Tiegan-ish ex-model who is secretly in love with her body guard.

You can’t go wrong with with premise. I loved it. You will too.

Pre-order Girl Gone Viral here

How to Catch an Errant Earl by Amy Rose Bennett

There’s no trope I love more in a historical romance than a rake falling head over heels in love until they’re completely stupid for it. It’s my kink, so How to Catch an Errant Earl was perfection.

This one doesn’t release until the end of April but, the first book in this series, How to Catch a Wicked Viscount, is available for purchase now. I plan on devouring it this weekend.

Purchase How to Catch a Wicked Viscount here

Pre-order How to Catch an Errant Earl here

Doctor Dearest by R.S. Grey

Connor and Natalie are two doctors at the top of their game who become housemates. Who cares if he is the best friend of her brother and technically her ex-teacher; the sexual tension is too much to ignore. Thank God they don’t, because this book is everything we need in 2020. I mean, minus the global pandemic I like to think this kind of behavior is happening in hospitals as we speak.

Purchase Doctor Dearest here (Also available on Kindle Unlimited)

I hope that helps brighten the coming days. Take care of yourself and read when you need an escape. Drop any more reading recommendations you have in the comments. 

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