It’s Benedict’s Turn in Bridgerton Book Club

It’s time for Benedict Bridgerton to get the attention he deserves. He shot straight into our hearts on screen in Netflix’s Bridgerton, but is a floppy haired, dejected artist all he is?

No. He’s also the main character is An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn, the one Bridgerton novel that I would be ok with you skipping in an effort to get straight to Francesca’s. But before I get carried away with my thoughts on Benedict Bridgerton’s book, you need the details of when we are ALL going to ACTUALLY get carried away with our thoughts on Benedict Bridgerton’s book. 

Bridgerton Book Club is Back! 

We will be meeting THIS SUNDAY night at 7pm EST (note the time change from our normal schedule) to discuss book 3 in Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons series. If you missed our first two Bridgerton Book Clubs, you can watch them here and here or listen to them on our brand new podcast: The Cool Table Podcast

If you’re brand new to the Bridgerton Book Club here at The Cool Table, it’s easy to get a seat at the table. Set a reminder and watch us live, feel free to comment in the chats and ask questions and give us your best critiques! 

We can’t wait to get silly with you and Benedict (and Sophie – we have yet to mention her, but she does play a pretty big role). 

Bridgerton Book Club is Sunday, March 21 at 7pmEST at The Cool Table. 

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