Bachelor Nation Is in a Tailspin, but Matt James Is Still Looking for Love

Matt James The Bachelor

How has it only been a week since Heather Martin rolled up in a mini-van to ruin Matt James’s night on The Bachelor? No, really, how?

Since then Bachelor Nation has imploded with infighting, Chris Harrison is out for the rest of the season, and Matt James is probably off somewhere ironing one of his turtlenecks. It’s a lot.

I mean, yes, Matt’s collection of turtlenecks is a lot, but mostly it’s the racism.

Chris Harrison is Out of Bachelor Nation- Sorta

If you’ve seen any Bachelor Nation news recently, you know that Chris Harrison is “stepping aside” for the remainder of Matt James’s season. This is in direct reaction to a problematic and, frankly, racist interview he gave to former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, on Extra.

In the interview, he defended a current contestant, Rachael Kirkconnell, from accusations of racism that have been circulating since the season began. Since then, there have been innumerable articles, social posts, and podcasts reacting to Bachelor Nation’s race and diversity problem. In response, Rachael Kirkconnell and Chris Harrison have since posted apologies and Chris will not host the upcoming Women Tell All special while he, “gets educated.”

To be frank, racism has always been alive and well in Bachelor Nation. It was there when Kenny had to wear a “nude” bandaid that was 10 shades too white on his face after he got injured on the Viking date on Rachel’s season. Racism was there when Becca Kufrin forgave Garrett for liking racists memes without doing any of the work to undo the damage he caused. It is there every single week in how much screen time BIPOC people get on this show versus white women.

The Bachelor has a race problem, but The Bachelor can’t exist without us, the viewers. I appreciate the direction of the Bachelor Diversity Campaign and will continue to fight for a more just world… or at least a more just Bachelor Nation.

Has someone made a “Mondays are for wine, yoga pants, and dismantling racism in Bachelor Nation” t-shirt yet?

Okay, Back to Heather Martin

Bachelor Nation

Last week’s episode ended with Hannah Brown’s BFF/past contestant, Heather Martin, crashing the season in a bridal gown. I mean, it was just a white dress, but it read bridal. This week opened with her being attacked and belittled by the ten remaining women on the season. Bullying on this season of The Bachelor? Say it isn’t so.

I get being annoyed when yet another woman joins your season. I feel the same way as a viewer. However, there was absolutely no reason for them to treat her the way they did. They mocked her, berated her, and ultimately made it abundantly clear that not only was she not welcome, they thought she was a bad person. As she stood there crying and apologizing, they told her to go into the other room so they wouldn’t need to see her face while she cries. It was bad.

Bachelor Nation

In the end, Matt decided that it was too late for a connection with Heather to blossom – so he sent her home. Which…duh. It’s been six weeks and he is halfway in love lust with at least two of them. This show made that poor woman sit through quarantine without a phone only to be bullied by the meanest cast in Bachelor Nation history and then sent packing in her minivan. Rough.

Finally, a Rose Ceremony

After Heather left, Matt assured the ten women left on the season that no one else would be joining them. One of them blurted out, “Can we get that in writing?” No, but really, can we?

In the end, Matt sent home flight attendant Serena C. and runway model, Chelsea. Yes, he sent home a real-life runway model, but I think she’s the winner in this scenario.

bachelor nation

There are eight women remaining in the season and only one week until four women have hometown dates. Let’s send some dead weight home.

Serena P. Gets Uncomfortable

Of the eight women remaining, neither Abigail (25, a client financial manager from Oregon) nor Jessenia (28, a social media marketer from Texas) have had a one-on-one date. So, obviously, Matt gave the first one-on-one date of the week to Serena P.. He really has no idea what he’s doing, does he?

Serena is a 23-year-old publicist from Toronto who previously got accosted by some donkeys on a date with Matt. That date was boring too. I don’t know how Matt James and Serena managed to make this date with a tantric yoga master contorting them into increasingly more sexual positions boring, but they did.

Actually, I get it. Serena hated this date and, by my estimation, barely tolerates Matt. I adore her. She’s self-assured and honest. However, Matt is still a man-child who likes what he can’t have so he gave her a date rose. You know, the date rose that puts her all the way to hometown dates! This is a big deal, people.

Serena is going to introduce her parents to Matt next week even though she looks like she hates kissing him with every fiber of her being. True love DOES exist.

One Last Desperate Attempt

The last group date before hometown dates is really more of an interview. The women may as well arrive with their resumés, five-year plan, and the results of their 23andMe genetic history. It is purely about convincing Matt to be meet their parents.

Okay, Bri (24, a communications manager from San Francisco) what do you bring to the table? Oh! You quit your dream job to pursue this relationship. Two points in your favor.

What’s that Michelle (27, a teacher from Minnesota), you’ve never felt like this before? Surely, you can do better than that. Minus one. Not life-threatening but, not great.

Rachael – yes, THAT Rachael – (24, a graphic designer from Georgia), is in L-O-V-E and when you are dating a man who has no idea what he wants, that goes a long way. Five points.

Kit (21, a fashion entrepreneur from New York City/Cynthia Rowley’s daughter) wants him to know that she has goals so she’s a long term investment. You know, goals like graduating college and finishing puberty. Normal stuff. She wants to make Matt wait for marriage and babies? Minus 2 points. Not because he actually wants those things but because he thinks he does.

Pieper (23, a graduate student from Oregon) probably said something important, but my husband sent me a flirty text during that part so I wasn’t paying attention. Minus one point for being less entertaining than my partner of 16 years.

Abigail (25, a client financial manager Oregon) was the first impression rose recipient and a fan favorite. However, when she asked Matt why she hadn’t received a date yet, he realized that their relationship was WAY far behind the others and sent her home in the middle of the date. She deserved better.

Then there were seven.

Obviously, the hometown rose went to problematic Rachael. They danced to a private concert by Aloe Blacc while the other women regretted all of their life choices.

Kit Yeets Herself

While Matt was off dancing with Rachael, Kit realized that she was at risk of actually having to introduce this dude to her mega-rich parents. She immediately quit the show.

Okay, she broke up with him after explaining that she’s not ready for an engagement after 6 weeks of dating and at 21 years of age, but it read like she was running for her life.

Go Kit, save yourself!

Then there were six.

Jessenia Goes Drifting

The final date of the week went to Jessenia (28, a social media marketer from Texas). She and Matt learned how to drift in a sports car and then had dinner under some twinkle lights.

Jessenia is pretty and will probably be on our screens again when it comes time to watch Bachelor in Paradise, but there was no chance she was getting the hometown rose. She and Matt barely know each other.

She was sent home, but don’t worry, despite feeling “blindsided,” she really didn’t care.

Then there were five.

Two Rose Ceremonies in One Week

We did it, Joe! We got a complete episode from the first date to the rose ceremony and everything in-between. I feel like I need to make a toast.

Bri, Michelle, Pieper, Rachael, Serena

Since Rachael and Serena already had roses, it came down to Bri, Pieper, and Michelle for the remaining two. Bri got the first rose, so quitting her dream job is really starting to pay off. Then Michelle got the final rose. This left Pieper to cry all the way home in her SUV of shame. You’re better off, Pieper. I promise.

Then there were four.

Next week Matt will meet the families of Bri, Serena, Michelle, and Rachael. This is sure to be awkward considering all of the recent news about Rachael’s family. As for me, I’ll continue to be hopeful that the franchise can move toward real inclusivity. I mean, I’m more hopeful about that than I am about Matt’s chances of finding lifelong love, so that has to mean something, right? RIGHT?!

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