The Star Wars Galaxy is Expanding

This past Monday marked Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday celebrated by all hardcore Star Wars fans and people who adore puns (“May the Fourth Be With You!”). Aside from promoting all day binges of the entire saga from the comfort of your home, Disney and Lucasfilm capped off the day with production announcements.

Sure, the Skywalker Saga ended and will forevermore live in your Disney+ queue, but the Star Wars franchise continues.

The Rise of Waititi

image courtesy of Disney+

Perhaps the biggest news to come from Star Wars day was the announcement that actor and director Taika Waititi will be behind the helm and the camera for Disney and Lucasfilm’s first Star Wars film since TROS. The director of Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok is no stranger to the Star Wars universe: alongside being the voice of bounty hunter droid turned daycare provider IG-11 in The MandalorianTaika also directed the brilliant and heart-pounding season finale of the show.

Although the news of Taika Waititi gave me hope again for the franchise, it was the announcement of who would be alongside him in the writer’s room that made me give Disney/LF a standing ovation: Krysty Wilson-Cairns. This marks only the second time a woman has been tasked with bringing a SW film to life. The first? Leigh Brackett, who helped write The Empire Strikes Back over 40 years ago. Let that sink in for just a minute.

While details have yet to be revealed, that hasn’t stopped the Star Wars fandom on creating dissertation-sized theories about characters, setting, and plot possibilities. My favorite? The widely unconfirmed rumor that this film will take place on the planet Exegol, where a handsome and redeemed space prince met his untimely death.

Now bear with me, because I have a theory, and during this quarantine, you’re going to let me have this. It’s either I come up with random ways Adam Driver returns to the Star Wars franchise, or I learn to make sweaters with the fur I gather after grooming my dog. You pick.

The chances of my man returning to another franchise are almost as high as, let’s say, this administration finally admitting that doctors know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to COVID-19. Essentially, slim to none. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned by earning my unofficial doctorate in Adam Driver film theory is that Adam loves a good character-driven storyline. Gee, who in the world could ever write a character-centered film in a mass popular franchise? Hmmm…

Oh, yeah. Academy Award winning screenwriter, Taika Waititi. The same man who successfully travels between independent films and major blockbuster studios. If he can convince Natalie Portman to return to the Marvel universe, Taika Waititi can convince Adam Driver to return as Ben Solo.

Please. Just let me have this.

Coming Soon to the Disney+ Vault

In an effort to make sure you only leave your home to see Star Wars films, Disney and Lucasfilms also announced that Disney+ would be home to a brand new Star Wars series. The untitled project will be joining The Mandalorian, already in post production for its second season, and the future Obi-Wan and Cassian Andor series.

Once again, in an effort to be more inclusive and understanding that women can appreciate Star Wars just as passionately as men, the new series is from the mind of Russian Doll writer Leslye Headland, who will pull a triple threat as show runner, executive producer, and writer. Rumors have it that it will be “female-centric.” In a galaxy already filled with strong, resilient women – from Princess Leia to Rey Skywalker – there’s always room for many more.

How did you celebrate May the Fourth? 

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