Quarantine and Chill: What’s Good on Hulu

Hulu is the under-appreciated step-cousin of streaming services. Sixty percent of the people you know have it, six percent of them use it. I’ve been paying for Hulu Live for years, and sometimes it’s a whole ass month before I realize I haven’t opened the app.

But as we are all stuck on our couches for at least the next couple of months, I’ve been doing some scrolling, and the part-time substitute teacher of streaming services has some excellent stuff in her squirrel smock. In other words, what’s good, Hulu?


If you’re like me you are all over the place emotionally right now. Each day sees the slow leeching of hormones from my very greasy scalp onto my throw pillows. One day I’ll look back on each stain and say, “Ah, dopamine. I needed you that Tuesday afternoon when I accidentally scrolled through Insta and saw that meme about the rising rate of unemployment.” Anyway, for those downward spirals, there are some excellent classics on Hulu.


Hulu has ALL EIGHT SEASONS of your favorite Nantucket airport comedy, Wings. I could call my dad right now and say, “Worst smell in history?” and he would answer, “Signing of the Declaration of Independence. 75 men in powdered wigs and pantyhose, in the heat of July, and someone says, ‘Whose cheese is this?'” AND WE WOULD CRACK UP. It has Tony Shaloub and some truly terrible hair on Crystal Bernard and the airport is tiny so it doesn’t look like a newsreel from the 1920s of a world we used to know.

All the President’s Men

Back when presidents were held accountable, movies were tense and Robert Redford was every snack in the pantry, All the President’s Men will remind you of a time when things made sense, even when they didn’t make sense. When we had to literally pick up a phone. When you had to plan meetings and pass notes. Better days. Same days.


Perfect for the highs or the lows, documentaries help remind us that the world has always been a trash fire and will always be a trash fire OR, conversely, that since it’s always been a trash fire, it can only get better from here. Documentaries on Hulu fit that bill.


If you are really into feeling incredibly terrible about everything, and you just want to drown in that feeling, watch Hillary. Yes, this is a recommendation. I cried through every episode, and it felt great. I was reminded of all the things we should have done to fight harder for her, all the ways she was maligned and wronged and vilified, and yet. It was super cathartic. Especially that tiny bit about Bernie.

Dior and I

It’s French and fashion. Historical haute couture. Drink champagne while watching. Feel pretty for an hour and a half.


Equally capable of making me sob or smile, comedies reign for catharsis.

Booksmart and Heathers

Just watch them back to back. Then watch them again. You will find joy in the high school movie that defined your generation, and the one that defines the current one.


If you love Schitt’s Creek and Derry’s Girls, Letterkenny is going to hit all the right notes for you. Very specific location-based humor that once you’re in, you feel like you always belonged.


Because Lindy West and Aidy Bryant created a pitch perfect show with a perfect protagonist and a sound track that slaps. I love every episode.


Not gonna lie, there are a LOT of network procedurals to wade through in the drama category. In truth, if you want the best dramas, head to HBO. But if you don’t have that add-on, Hulu can still deliver an ensemble piece with high stakes for when you want that tension to last all the way through your 2am binge.


Badass business women and competing courtesans. Harlots is a Hulu original that turns the period piece on his spindly little neck.

Killing Eve

Badass assassin in love with an equally badass law enforcement officer on her tail. I could eat Jodie Comer’s performance with a bloody knife. You really don’t need any other recs.

What are you killing time watching during the quarantine? 

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