More Than Maybe is Music to Our Ears

Author Erin Hahn’s latest book, More Than Maybe, is the story of two high school seniors, Luke Greenly, who co-hosts a popular podcast with his twin brother, and Vada Carsewell, who bartends and blogs for the music club where Luke records his podcast. These two have always been aware of one another, both with an unspoken crush on the other. When a school project brings them together, their crushes move from the back seat to full focus.

High schoolers with podcasts and bartending jobs, what a time to be alive.

The two pair up for a senior assignment, music-related, of course, all the while trying to fight the undeniable chemistry between them. Vada wants to be a music journalist and Luke wants to write music – but not sing it – despite his obvious talent and his musician father’s desire that Luke pursue the stardom he could so obviously achieve. Nothing like your parents wanting to relive their golden years through you.

When Luke’s brother secretly releases a recording of Luke singing a love song he wrote (not for Vada, definitely not for Vada!!), it turns both Vada and Luke’s worlds upside down. Vada isn’t (too) embarrassed to admit she wishes he was singing to her. But is he? And is she willing to put herself out there to find out?

More Than Maybe isn’t very plot-heavy, in that the plot is the development of Vada and Luke’s relationship, but that simplicity works well. As readers we get to see Vada and Luke grow, and watch them realize that their dreams for themselves are more important than the expectations placed on them.

Vada and Luke’s story is about self-discovery and the all-consuming crushes of youth, but it’s also about music. So much music. It would take forever to list all the music references made – seriously there are tons. There’s even a playlist in the back of the novel. Erin Hahn beautifully has Vada and Luke use music to communicate when they don’t have the right words themselves. We can all relate to that.

More than Maybe is out now!


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