Top Moments from Outlander Episode 509

Outlander episode 509, like this section of The Fiery Cross that it’s based on, feels very much like Outlander in all the ways that matter: plenty of homespun #RidgeShit but also homespun danger. Nothing extravagant threatens our heroes, just a common snakebite. But the remedy is going to include just enough woo to remind us this is a fantasy story.

Specifically, episode 509 highlights the focus of this story on Jamie and Claire, and that is always the right choice on this show. It’s what makes Outlander a thing we love and love to talk about. Their love, their relationship and most importantly, the family that they’ve created is the locus point around which every other character revolves. From Auntie Claire to Roger Mac to Milord to my Ma, there are reflections of Jamie and Claire’s love for one another in every relationship that is showcased in this episode. The fact that Jamie and Claire themselves remain the center of it only sweetens the deal.

Top Moments from Outlander Episode 509

Ah, Da!

This episode opened with one of my least favorite parts of the book, which I believed I dubbed during our book club on The Fiery Cross, The One In Which Roger Has a Raging Boner, ie Boners I Don’t Care About. But it concludes with a nice little reminder that Jamie is Bree’s father and that their relationship has an actual dynamic. Unfortunately, this dynamic on the show is mostly ignored, but at least in this scene there are bits of the tried and true awkwardness that ensues when your dad has to talk to the dude who bangs you.


Claire and Bree’s relationship has not been plagued by the same lackadaisical writing this season, and already feels whole and rooted in reality. The scene at the impossibly gigantic dyeing cauldron is a wonderfully tender mother/daughter moment that doesn’t promise the world or prepare for the worst. Claire is always practical and gives Bree the advice she most needs to hear: adapt but don’t settle. It ends with a touch to her cheek which is the most Mom Thing of all time (and something I do every day; I absolutely adore my daughter’s cheeks).

My Ma

Maybe even more touching was Marsali’s assertion that Claire is now her Ma in all the ways that matter. Their relationship is hard won and has come to a beautiful fruition.

Roger and Jamie Together At Last

I would like everyone to take a gigantic sigh that we have at last reached the point in this season (and hopefully this series) where Roger will no longer pathetically bemoan that he has not lived up to Jamie’s standards for a man, but instead the two of them have reached an understanding of their mutual love for Bree and Jem, respect for one another’s sacrifices and gifts, and a general cease and desist on all dick-swinging.

Ian Has Words

If nothing else, having Ian back to tell Jamie off about worrying about his leg being cut off was one of the best choices of this season’s writers’ room. He gives his uncle no quarter about being honorable, calls him out for being an insensitive asshole and is most likely the catalyst that allowed Jamie to quit making Claire fret over an impossible choice.


… Sing me a song of a lad been done wrong …

Every episode this season could have used more Fergus Fraser, and it took one about Jamie and Claire’s close knit, yet found, family to make that happen. His scene with Ian was a perfect reminder to be mad at the writers again for not using him enough, as well as being happy with him that they let him talk about Jamie being his father. Also, we heard a lot of French and that was excellent.

First Time For Everything

When your mystical time-traveling wife plays with your taint for the first time, it’s reason enough to not follow the light.

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